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Sales Training

Value Selling Associates Accredited Provider

We provide Sales Performance consulting and training focused on the enterprise and the business to business space. We have seen most global sales training programs and today we partner with Value Selling Associates alongside our own IP in this space.

The ValueSelling Framework® is a practical sales methodology that focuses on the buyer and the value they receive by doing business with you and your organisation. 

We do not do :"cookie cutter" programs preferring to design and adapt to your needs. Whatever your challenge please reach out. The answer might be easier than you think. All our training can be conducted in person or remotely via our studio. Our sessions are always interactive and we take the time to understand your goals and aspirations so the sessions are timely, relevant and useful to the attendees. If you run Salesforce our Apps from Value Selling Associates integrate seamlessly. Click here for more on Value Selling Associates

Sales Performance Advisory

Before we conduct sales training we are often asked to assess the capabilities and needs of sales teams and sales leaders. We provide strategic advisory on all facets of the sales journey from top of the funnel activities to funnel shapes and conversion analysis. If you want to drive your revenue and results please get in touch to discuss how we might help.

Strategic Opportunity Management Training

Strategic Opportunity Management is all about winning big deals. These don't happen by accident and there is a strategic way of winning these significant opportunities. We do win/loss analysis, deal reviews as part of this training. We only use live opportunities in our training.

12 Week Sales Transformation Program

We offer our 12 Week Sales Transformation (12ST) Program as a group training program or bespoke coaching offering depending on your needs. This includes an Extended DISC Assessment, Online eValue Selling Fundamentals and guided sessions working on your live deals so you see real results. The program is 12 x 60 minute sessions. Perfect for time poor people.

Sales Training for Non Sales People

We run training programs to assist non sales people and  leaders to understand their role in the sales process. They can come from finance, legal, HR, Marketing. They learn about the role of sales and how they can develop a culture of customer focus across an organisation.  Training can be done virtually or in person and is always tailored.

Vortex ProspectingTM

Vortex Prospecting is focused on filling the top of the sales funnel with qualified leads. It covers prospecting techniques for 2023 not 1993. 

A key point is this task no longer rests solely on sales. It includes account managers, responsible for new logo acquisition, as well as marketing and SDRs, who must target the right personas.

How do you keep a steady stream of qualified leads and achieve ever increasing revenue targets? Vortex Prospecting™ combines the best practices in multiple channels with the ValueSelling sales methodology to help close the execution gap, get more meetings and increase conversions.

Value Selling FrameworkTM

We are pleased to represent Value Selling Associates the global number one provide of value based , customer focused sales training. Our focus is on all organisations and we especially work with SAAS based organisations as they need to sell value time and time again. Programs are online, virtual and in person. If your run we have a wonderful app that integrates to your CRM to makes things even easier.

Key Account Management Training Workshops 

Key Accounts should be treated like every other major asset of your organisation but they rarely are. The Value Selling Account Planning  program is all about analysing and focusing on protecting and growing your most significant accounts so their success and yours is not left to chance. All workshops can be done virtually or in-person. If you have Salesforce we have an app to integrate to your CRM which will leverage Ai.

What Our Clients Say

Sales Training by Rob Hartnett

NAB Business Bank

Rob’s energy, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge ensured that the entire group benefited from his sessions and we now implement many of the ideas learned from Rob in our day to day interactions with clients.
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