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Grow Your People.
Accelerate Results.



We believe in the potential for people to change, for things to be better and, above all, that anything is possible.

That's why we are passionate about working with customer focused leaders and their teams in assisting them to lift results fast by providing them the right mindset, skillset and toolset to drive an organisational wide Customer Focused Culture.

Common areas we help clients with are:

  • Re-Imagining Possibility - Big Picture Thinking

  • Scaling Sales - How to create a Sales System

  • Internal Influence - Communication Skill Building 

  • Developing High Potential Leaders

  • Winning the Whales - Selling to Big Companies 

  • Growing Strategic Accounts - Team Selling

  • Customer Led - Customer Obsessed Cultures

Being Customer Focussed means having an insatiable curiosity about your customers and instead of focusing only on solving their problems you look for opportunities and the potential in their business that is not being realised. Focus on the upside, not only the downside. Sounds better doesn't it?

To provide our clients with the best in class solutions we partner with global organisations such as Maxwell Leadership, ValueSelling Associates, HR Profiling and MarketCulture Strategies to bring world class thinking and solutions in Leadership, Sales & Customer Experience to you. See the resources tab for more details.

​Talk to us about igniting your leadership and business performance through our Keynote Speaking, Coaching, Workshops and Benchmarking Tools.

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Grow your People and Accelerate Results through a Customer Focused Culture that Scales.


It's All Possible -  is focused on building an epic life with a Possibility Mindset. It's All Possible has been recommended by Blinkist, Amazon and the C-Suite Book Club. Published by Major Street. Now a LinkedIn Learning Course.

My Daily Journal - A Journal of proven productivity hacks to enable a Possibility Perspective through five essential questions to ask yourself on a regular basis that enhance your wellbeing, mental health and productivity.

Small Business, Big Opportunity - published with Sensis is one of the biggest books in distribution on small business growth. Endorsed by numerous State Governments on release. Over 140,000 in distribution over two editions.

Fast Times Ahead - a groundbreaking book on the internet revolution including concepts ahead of its time regarding industry shifts and work-life balance. Published by Crown Content.

What Marketing People Know About Sales - a light hearted look at what happens when sales and marketing teams don't collaborate. Published by Brolga, Distribution by Penguin.

Books are available via Amazon & All Good Book Stores

Testimonial by Alisa Camplin on It's All Possible
Testimonial by Tom Williams on It's All Possible
Testimonial on It's All Possible by Tom Burton

Keith Abraham, Motivational Speaker

"It's All Possible ... What a great mantra for life and in this exceptionally well-written book Rob shares his insights and ideas to propel you towards achieving what's important, what matters and what makes all the difference!"
Testimonial by Keith Abraham

Robert Morris Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon

"Add Rob Hartnett's name to the list of those who write self-help books filled with high impact insights travelling in clusters at Mach 3."
Testimonial by Amazon Reviewer on Its's All Possible

John Chancellor, Top 1000 Reviewer, Amazon

"Rob Hartnett, the author of It’s All Possible, gives an inspiring example and how to guide so that anyone can lead a more fulfilling life. A motivating and inspiring book.”

Testimonial on It's All Possible

Speaking Feedback

Rob Hartnett Speaking at QSuper Conference
"Rob was excellent! He took the time to research the background of the conference and the people involved. He was professional and very, very entertaining."
Australian Human Resources Institute



Australia Post

"Your energy and deliverance on topic on today’s topics was welcomed. It got the COGS working to think, reflect and act beyond the moment and actually prepare and be aware. You are a star and we are glad you shone on our team."
Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Speaker by Australia Post

Spanline Australia

"The feedback was overwhelmingly positive regarding your content and delivery. Thankyou Rob, you rate right up there with the best."
Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Speaking by Spanline

RMIT University

"Rob, you far exceeded my expectations of a speaker in our Masters Program. The discipline of great preparation and content delivery was explicit, and it balanced perfectly with sincere enthusiasm and creating

some very funny moments.

It was a joy watching the master at his craft."

Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Speaking by RMIT

Dept of Innovation & Industry, Victoria

The tips that Rob Hartnett provided are great - they're practical and actionable, which is what our team need.

Because they're so useful,  they are relevant to all business owners"

Testimonial on Rob Hartnett speaking by Victorian Government

EY Asia

"Thanks again for your great session today. Your knowledge of our firm and environment was really impressive!  Will be looking forward to the next one."
Testimonial on Rob Hartnett B2B workshop by EY

NAB Business Bank

"Rob’s energy, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge ensured that the entire group benefited from his sessions and we now implement many of the ideas learned from Rob in our day to day interactions with clients."
testimonial on Rob Hartnett Sales Training by NAB

Telstra Enterprise

"I really enjoyed today, and my team were really excited this afternoon about leading this cultural change!

Thank you so much for your energy and commitment today! I am sincerely grateful!"

Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Channel Sales Training by Telstra

Community Clubs Victoria

"Can I just reiterate how inspiring I found your presentation – you’re such a dynamic speaker and the content was so compelling. How fascinating are our brains!!"
Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Business Growth Keynote by Community Clubs Victoria

City of Canada Bay, NSW

"It was a pleasure to watch you in action – you certainly know how to lift and animate a room.  People have gone away with some food for thought and actionable outcomes."
Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Neuroscience of Sales Keynote for City of Canada Bay NSW
Rob Hartnett It's All Possible Podcast

It's All Possible

We have a collection of over 60 Podcasts with the leaders, coaches and business professionals who live life with a Possibility Mindset . 


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Kristal Markle, CEO BGV

"You are so awesome!!! I love discussing leadership with you. I can’t wait to work together again!!!"
Kristal Murren Testimonial on Rob Hartnett Podcast

Randy Spencer, Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Centers

"Wonderful questions, really enjoyed the chat, lets collaborate again."
Testimonal by Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Center Manager Randy Spencer on Rob Hartnett Podcast

Antonia Kay, Elite Boxer, 

Singer, Songwriter

"So much fun, you are awesome!"

Testimonial by Antonia Kay on Rob Hartnett Podcast

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