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Extended DISC 

Extended DISC is a cloud based application of the proven DISC model of behavioural assessment. Extended DISC differs from standard DISC assessments in many ways. Firstly it provides a report which show your natural style plus any adjusted style and contrasts the two. Extended DISC can also show style under stress. Reports can also show how to identify and modify your own style when dealing with others. The reports take less than 10-12 minutes to complete and there are variety of reports available. Some examples are below. Contact us today for pricing. Group pricing is available and include individual and team debriefs. We are proud to partner with HR Profiling Solutions in bringing Extended DISC to you.

Clients we have run Extended DISC with include Australia Post, Telstra, Netwealth, NAB, MLC, REI Super, Prime Super, Tait Communications, ePac Flexibles, Halidon Hill Finance, Toll Logistics

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