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Keynote Speaking
Possibility Thinking - CHAMPION Mindset - Winning Big Sales - Business Growth Strategies

Looking to have someone inspire, energise, and deliver insight to your people in a relatable and entertaining way?


Rob delivers keynotes and conference presentations that inspire, enthuse and entertain yet are full of contemporary insights and ideas that attendees can use the same day. Rob can deliver these keynotes in person or remotely from his studio or yours. Rob is known for his discovery to ensure each presentation is ruthlessly relevant to your audience. Rob does not do "cookie cutter" presentations.

He is also able to add on a workshop session, follow up webinar or provide his books and other tools to ensure the messages last longer than the keynote. Rob is also represented by the major speaking agencies ICMI, Saxton and Celebrity Speakers should you wish to book him through an agency. For direct enquiries call email or

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